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  1. How can I make a reservation?
    Reservations are only possible in written form. You can find the inquiry form on our website or you can send us an e-mail to To confirm the reservation, it is necessary to make an advance payment (30%), which will be deduced from the total amount.
  2. How can I make the advance payment?
    You can make the advance payment (30%) in several ways – by bank transfer to our account or by online credit card payment from our website.
  3. How can I change or cancel the reservation?
    The changing the arrival or departure date is only possible in written form (e-mail) and is only valid if confirmed in writing by the reservations department. The amount of the prepayment in only refunded in case of cancellation in accordance with the conditions of cancellation when booking accommodation, but it is reduced by the amount of the bank expenses. In case of a cancellation that is not done on time, or if guest doesn’t arrive, the amount of the prepayment is retained.
  4. How can I know that my reservation has been confirmed?
    After receiving the advance payment, we will confirm your reservation by e-mail.
  5. Why is it not possible to reserve the number of mobile home?
    It is only possible to reserve a zone, but not the number of mobile home. We will certainly do our best to fulfill all the wishes of our guests during the reservation.
  6. When is it possible to enter the mobile home or parcel?
    The Camp reception desk is open 24/7, but registration is only possible between 7 am and 10pm. Check in is from 12:00 for guests on the pitch, and from 17:00 for guests in mobile homes. Check out of guests from the pitch is to 12:00 and from mobile homes to 10:00. For checking-out after that time, we will be forced to charge you for one more day of stay, although you won't be able to use the accommodation unit.
  7. How can I obtain a crib?
    If you require a crib, you can note this in the reservation inquiry. There is no additional fee for using a crib in camp Omišalj.
  8. A member of our family is a disabled person, which objects do you recommend?
    All sanitation facilities in the Camp offer showers and toilets adapted to persons with disabilities.
  9. Can I bring my pet?
    Pets are welcome in the Camp, but with an additional fee paid at the reception desk. The owner is obliged to present their pet’s "passport” when registering.
    We recommend that you also note in your reservation form that you will be arriving with a pet.
  10. Is there a barbecue / grill ?
    It is forbidden by lae to light fires anywhere in the campsite, on the beach or any other areas. The area intended for barbecue is placed near the sanitary facilities. In the mobile home/parcel you are allowed to use only gas or electric grills.
  11. Is water at campsite safe for drink?
    Water is drinkable in all parts of the campsite. Water is valuable resource so please use it carefully.
  12. Where can I pick up my post or package ?
    Post arrives every day afternoon, except on Saturdays and Sundays, and may be picked up at reception.
  13. Where can I park my car?
    Parking of personal vehicles for guests staying on the pitches is not allowed outside the accommodation units. Parking of personal vehicles for guests staying in mobile homes is provided in the common parking lot and parking personal vehicles in front of mobile homes is strictly prohibited.
  14. Are towels and bed linen included in the price?
    Yes, towels and bed linen are included in the rental price. Towels we change it every 3 days, and bed linen every 7 days.
  15. Is there an airport nearby?
    Yes, there is a small Rijeka airport near the camp site, which is operating for low-cost flights, low frequency, which is very convenient for guests arriving by plane. That is also an additional attraction for the guests in the campsite, to watch the planes take off and landing. Sometimes it can be loud, but it takes a very short time.

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